"Doug Hewitt you do a great job. What I like about you is how you represent what is the best in all of us, about here, and you. Everything is original. That is job #1." -Kevin Collins

"I've been so impressed with your patience yet persistence with [son's name] who's not the easiest to teach! You've been a great presence for him. Thank you so much. You're really the BEST teacher I've ever encountered." - Carla Savetsky 

"Will came out of your lesson today smiling! He really enjoyed it and feels like you are going to teach him well. See you next Wednesday!" -Dan 

"What a gem of a teacher you are!" - Harold DeHaven 

"This is one of my favorite hours of the whole week. I always feel better after one of our sessions. This is music therapy for me." -Mike Akrep http://polarfocus.com/ 

"Thank you again for your work with Tyler. So many times learning something new and sticking with it comes from the teachers ability to motivate and instill a love of learning. He really loves to play and is improving by leaps and bounds all due to you!" - Lynn Hayes 

"I am learning alot more than I ever expected to and I really want to thank you!" - Brandon Daniels 

"Doug, you are perhaps the best teacher -of any kind- that I have ever had. Your ability to communicate musical concepts is amazing. You have improved my guitar playing, understanding, theory, reading and improvisation in ways I could not have imagined. Thank you so much!" -Josh Pelin 

"I know that if I need to take a break I'm confident that something will open up at some point. My wife suggested perhaps a different teacher. I said no way! I dig where we've gone and I'm looking forward to continue the work! Thanks Doug!" -Tom Davidson 

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work with my son. You have done such a wonderful job giving him the tools and the confidence he needs to continue his dreams forward. Your patience and positive attitude has made all the difference to him. You are always there to encourage him and give him a smile. You really are a wonderful teacher." - P. L. 

"This is my favorite hour of the whole week. Doug, you are such an excellent teacher." - Greg Lesky 

"In my National Endowment of the Humanities grant proposal I mentioned you, Doug, as an excellent influence on me, being kind, patient and unrelenting." - Jennifer Breen 

"I just want to say thank you for being a great guitar teacher and all-around good guy. I'll always remember what you taught me and continue to add onto it throughout life." - Scott Allison 

"Doug - Thanks so much!!  Zach has explained to me what a great honor it is to have been added to your website.  And I have to agree with you - they sound great. Thanks for all you do to make them sound great. -Best, Elizabeth" 

"I never got to really thank you for being the best information giver and giving me the ability to teach myself how to play guitar and read music, you're the best!" 
-Mike Fevola http://mikefev.com/index.htm