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Starshine words and music by Doug Hewitt

In her eyes the sun is all we need to shine. And every day in light is a good spend of time. Walking down that lonely street my heart takes flight and skips a beat when her eyes meet mine. In my dreams of love the moon shines day and night. Stars and sun in one sky dreaming delight. Wishing it would all be true she comes into my field of view bathed in mystic light. In our hearts we both know this is a sign. Don't you see how our loves could be entwined? Walking on a beach somewhere we could pause and stop and stare at the bright starshine. Dreams, sometime I remember you when I really don't want to. Things that simply are not true turn my heart way beyond blue.

Ok To Be Human words and music by Doug Hewitt

When I'm out of juice and feeling lazy or times are tough and things are hazy I remind myself before I get crazy its OK to be human. Just a creature living on earth, we seem to exist just to give birth. Or consider the question of our worth. Is it OK to be human? Don't believe, don't believe everything you think. I think of our planet spinning through space and I think of our actions as a race, making a mess all over the place. Is it still OK to be human? We find ourselves on the brink. Life could go out in a single wink. We're so far gone I'm beginning to think it's not OK to be human. Don't believe, don't believe everything you think. Whatever it takes, whatever's involved. Differences aside, problems we must solve. Extinction's forever. We must evolve 'til it's OK to be human.

Another Long Wave Goodbye words and music by Doug Hewitt

I feel your body next to mine, warm and soft arms entwined and the ticking of the time are the first things I know today. I have no words to say searching for a way to make each moment last, soon this will be past. Yesterday we walked in the cold to a french cafe so sweet and old. Always feels so right to hold hands everywhere we go. Shuffling through the snow I heard cellos soft and low. Everything was so right and we still had the night. Another long wave goodbye, My face pressed against the glass. I'm losing sight of you as the train starts moving fast. Now I count the days till again you will be mine. Years of yearning fantasy and another long wave goodbye. I can hear the sound of you rustling around dressing in the clothes you found on the bedroom floor today. Heavy with dismay 'cause I really want to stay. But the tickets already sold and the coffee is getting cold.

Roots In The Sky words and music by Doug Hewitt

Across the stars Andromeda flies. Will no one be here to see it rise? People come and go. Rivers constant flow. Goodbye and hello. The only road we know. Turning in, turning out. Birds of fire soaring higher. 'Round the wheel, make love real. Sandcastles on the beach, winds of time rearrange. Moon raise the tide. The only constant is change. We orbit around a spiral sublime. And burn in the fire that we call time. All roads converge, return to stardust. Small difference we make. That's why we must. The world awakes. Consciousness rise. Born of the earth with roots in the sky.

Peace On Earth And You words and music by Doug Hewitt

Ask me what I want to be. What comes after Doe Ray Mi? If the next step I could see; You and me. I don’t want a fancy car. I wont need any more guitars. When we spend the night on Mars staring at the stars. The light of future suns casts shadows in rays of gold on this space of zeros and ones for hearts so bright and bold. Ask me what I want to do if my life could start a-new. Things I want most are these two: Peace on earth and you.

Nothing words and music by Doug Hewitt

You don’t have to climb a mountain to hear the sound the world makes. The world is full of beauty. Opening your eyes is all it takes. Yet the world is not enough. People want some belief to embrace. As for me I believe in nothing. You may call it a leap of faith. So much suffering around the world. Voices echo in peoples heads. Brothers and sisters killing over what they think the words said.

We'll Always Have Paris words and music by Doug Hewitt

A sideways glance down the hall from the corner of my eye. Business or pleasure? I grinned. I couldn't let her pass me by. Too busy smiling to eat our dinners. My eyes just drinking her. Maybe the planets aligned. Nothing that I would prefer. A cafe, a stroll, a mountain top. Break into spontaneous song. A touch, a look, an embrace. Knowing she is where I belong. Downtown hotel, home for the weekend, they saved our favorite room. But, it's going to rain! We just smile… through Monday afternoon. Weeks became months, seasons changed, with the phases of the moon. We said we'll always have Paris, where we're perfectly in tune. New York and France just so dammed far apart. In the clouds I wrote this song. "Tis better to have loved and lost" …all sense of right and wrong. Life and love, oceans divide, awaiting their rendezvous. Just memories till I see her again when love comes true. Falling through space, bodies in orbit, around each other fly. Now this song has been sung I have a date with the sky.

Congratulations words and music by Doug Hewitt

I remember the girl you were. People would ask and I’d say “Yea that’s her”. Laugh and sing, dance and swing, the world could barely be everything. When you came home one day you said you found a better way. Just do this and follow that. There’s a higher state to be at. Their books of wisdom turned you mean. Judging things you’ve never seen. So walls bring freedom, but all those sayings could learn a lot from children playing. All is politics, you may be right. What’s left of love dissolves in fight. Like watching a show, it’s no surprise since I stopped being me in your eyes. Congratulations! You were blind and now you see. Through a crystal fantasy I know you don't see me. What wont piss you off, who can say? If you think of it won't you tell me someday? So my friend, I used to adore, take aim again as I walk out the door. Congratulations! And may you have many more. Battles you won have been many but you lost the war. Congratulations! You were blind and now you see. Through a crystal fantasy I know you don't see me. I remember the girl you were. People would ask and I’d say “Yea that’s her”.



Stealing Dreams words and music by Doug Hewitt

You feel the dream in words of some underwater blue english rhyme. Some sexy mammals DNA moves in geologic time. Free from the so long conversation there he goes again. Pounding rain at dawn to become her lover. We haven't changed. What have you become the key you are in how rearranged. Parallel thread stream overflowing but simple to keep. Now everybody's got one waking wanting Stealing Dreams How did you know? It seems so far to go. Between, close to the end. Unseen It’s time to pretend. Feigning sleep the shape form contradictions turn toward the mime. Penguins marching lockstep opposition your paradigm. Smoke signal picture show is notable while you were there. Shakespeare moon to rise at the intermission name of a cry. Unzip your genes the lust is mitochondria now papal morals deny. Eventual horizon is juxtaposing your oblique view. Enough time has passed whatever that is for random fears. The thing itself in undue satisfaction trail of tears. Music is music as art is politics. Weapon of vertigo. Indifferent flats and sharps superimposition on a natural E. Picasso painting mountains on the moon now let it free. Just select your presidential mass distraction marching to war.

What To Look For In Your Face words and music by Doug Hewitt

Maybe you just served my dinner or that could be the back of your head. Do I hear you on the jukebox? Come again, I didn't hear what you said. Smiling face behind the register. That could be you crossing the street. Next to me on the train to New York. Is this where we were supposed to meet? Didn’t you tell me you’d be here in this time and place, or did I misunderstand what to look for in your face? Browsing in the corner bookstore, would you be in new or used? Are you in those faded jeans? Could you be my secret muse? Up on the stage one night see those eyes in the second row? Kinda blinded by the light but, how would I ever know? Showing at a local gallery. Painting of a starry sky. On the bottom of the right hand side - Is this only who the paintings by? Waiting in this lonely universe I know this cannot be my fate. Now you may be gazing at the stars asking "How long must I wait"?

Holes In Heaven words by Claudia Rullman, music by Doug Hewitt

Walking around on this bright blue ball that's dancing around the sun. The song in the sky is so high and so sweet so why are you looking down at your feet? And why close your senses? Why close your eyes? Why go ‘round banging your head against the sky? (Ahhhh....The beautiful sky....Ahhh) Haunting your own life like a phantom. Running scared and alone. Like someone who’s forgotten how to find the way home. Where did you learn this lesson? How did all this begin? You spend your whole life confessin’ some unforgivable sin. Lets make something impossible as simple as opening a door. Go poke some holes in heaven cause what do you exist for?

The Man You Need Me To Be words by Claudia Rullman, music by Doug Hewitt

Well I’ve got to think this over. This just isn’t feeling right. Blinded by confusion. I’ve been sitting up all night. I don’t want to make you sorry. But this pain in my head. Thought that this was what we wanted. Now I don’t know what to do. Do I make a firm decision? Should I leave it up to you? When we made a new beginning how were we supposed to know? We travel toward what what we can’t see. I don’t think I can be the man you need me to be. How can we know when we begin what a heart breaking scene we’re gonna get ourselves in. Well you know I really love you I’m just trying to make you see If we try to stick together I can’t go on being me. Didn’t want to lose your friendship.I don’t want to see you go. There on the horizon hangs a bright mirage. Always somehow seems to end in sabotage.

Crystal Ball words by Claudia Rullman, music by Doug Hewitt

On this snowy night outside snowflakes spiral down. Pretty as a scene In a crystal ball. I could hold it in my hand. Turn it upside down watch the snowflakes fly but I never get inside. Such a perfect sight. See the people walking home. Arms filled with bright gifts for someone they love I want to hold it in my hand. Turn it upside down watch the snowflakes fly but I never get inside. Here I sit alone. Watch the twinkling lights below. Try to understand why there's no one here to share A glass of wine. The candle glow. A kiss beneath the mistletoe. Star light star bright I wish I may I wish I might. What did I do wrong? Was there something I forgot? Everyone I know has someone to love I want to hold it in my hand. Turn it upside down watch the snowflakes fly but I never get inside.

Relativity words and music by Doug Hewitt

In my dream of waking climbing ahead is falling behind. She is my brilliant darkness a ray in the night striking me blind. Everything is relative, she said black holes evaporate. Does it really matter? You gotta make your first ten thousand mistakes. We’re just aspiring primates she said lying on the bed. Searching for meaning in our mobius heads. In her pleasure she takes my pain. I give all she’s got to take. See her running through the woods. Feel her moan and ache. She’s my underwater acrobat. These are extrapolated arts. I came to her in secrecy. I said closing opens and ending starts. Like a virus we fall in love, she said the lust is in our our genes. Just like woman, just like man. Salvation in extremes. Then she pulled me closer and in a whisper to confide. I’ll be your primal prophet, she said the other is always inside. The beginning of the end. The whole in some of your parts. Let us end the beginning. Choose what you will impart. The effect of desire. You can feel it in the wind. The last page is read with a kiss to begin. My darkness inside your light I said as she closed my eyes. Just feel the truth in me right now everything else is lies. It’s all in contradictions. Our reasons to be alive. If we know anything at all any meaning we derive. I want you to know me. Put your hand here on my heart. I could just drink you up, I said closing opens and ending starts.

This January Night words and music by Doug Hewitt

A crystal view this January night through the cold and whipping wind. Feel the present floating down stream, coming from within. Most humble of beginnings. A single step outside the door. Lace of leaves etched in frost embroidered on the forest floor. Find a new road tonight with the soles of my feet. Between the trees I see the sky, a new path I am to beat. Branches rattle in the wind, cycles of death and birth. I am walking upon history, beneath my feet, within the earth. I hear the cooing of an owl. The fluttering of wings. Smell the sweet scent of pine and the forest begin to sing. Stars appear in the black ache of infinity. The bright lane of the Milky Way dancing ecstatically. Smile river smile. Above the line of trees, above the dirt I watch the full moon rising up from my rocky perch. As this moment becomes the present light beams from the past. Stars sing in unknown languages, echoes of ancient chants. Thoughts project like liquid flowing over everything. This Van Gogh canvas of the sky, colors spiraling. Staring from this mountain top deep into space. To the very large the very small must barely leave a trace. Human sentimentality, a ripple on a pond. In the deepest blues and greens we are programed to respond. In this Trial by existence we have so far to go. The source of the illusion applauds your solo. Smile river smile.