Doug Hewitt, Professional Guitar, Voice & Bass Teacher

Guitar, Voice & Bass Lessons with Doug Hewitt in western Massachusetts.
Amherst, MA (413) 213-4543,  doughewitt11@gmail


I am now offering Zoom sessions. 
What a perfect time to make music. Email, call or text me to get started!

I've been teaching music for more than half of my life and I enjoy it more now than ever! I find it very exciting yet relaxing. I practice positive reinforcement because learning happens better, faster and far more enjoyably in an environment where words like "good," "right" and "yes" replace negative ones. I emphasize the postive. This makes learning -as well as teaching- much more fun! 

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I teach at my studio so it's easy to make CDs to take home and use for practice. Studio recording projects can be a creative, instructive and an exciting part of your lessons, but mostly its just great fun! Some of my more accomplished students have recorded entire CDs of songs they love, or even their own music!  I have the bass and drum tracks all ready to go, or you can play the bass, vocal and guitar parts yourself! (I'll just turn on the drums over here...) 

Lessons are $50/ hour. Most people take one lesson per week on a regular day and time, although other arrangements can usually be made. In your first lesson you will get some pages with songs, notes and scales on them. After a few lessons you will have enough music that I recommend a three ring loose-leaf notebook to organize everything in. I have a policy of one last-minute cancellation per month with no charge, after which I ask for 24 hours notice or there will be a charge for the lesson.

Currently Available Lesson Times:

Sundays 1:00

Mondays 11:00, 12:00

Tuesdays 12:00

Wednesdays 11:00, 5:00

Thursdays 12:00, 4:00

Fridays 11:00, 12:00 

Saturdays FULL!

I specialize in Rock, Jazz, Blues and Folk, with some classical pieces for reading practice and rounding of knowledge and technique. 

  • Children and adults, beginners to professionals accepted. 
  • Absolutely patient & personal attention is guaranteed for every lesson. 
  • Feel free to bring your acoustic or electric or bass guitar. Some students alternate between all three! 
  • I give out hundreds of pieces of sheet music to my students every year. 
  • Lessons are molded to your individual tastes & needs. 
  • Emphasis on comprehension, not memorization. 
  • I am not a "Don't think about it -just put your finger there" kind of teacher. I want you to know what & why.

Focus Areas
Learning Songs * Chords * Strumming * Picking * Reading * Scales *Keys * Theory * Improvisation * Higher Positions * Speed * Fretboard Efficiency * Harmony * Modes * Ear Training * Chord Alterations and Extensions * Vocabulary * Notation * Phrasing * Songwriting * Jamming * Recording