"I've recorded in many studios over the last 40 years but never had a better experience than at Motif Music with Doug Hewitt. He's the most talented and attentive engineer/producer/musician that I have ever worked with. He can take you through the whole process from concept to mixing and mastering. Patience and knowledge are two words that describe Doug, plus a I had a great working relationship with him. I needed some additional musicians and that was not a problem. He was able to find the best people for the job and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. If you are looking to record your first demo or record an entire finished album for a label, I highly recommend Doug Hewitt and Motif Music as the place to do it." 
-John Dobrydnio

"Thanks a million another great piece of work. AMEN"
-Vern Decoteau 

"Doug, you have really got me pointed in the right direction and I am once again excited about playing music!"
 -Rob Wyckoff 

"Ok, it's time for you to do a recording - Doug Hewitt is an incredible recording engineer located in Amherst, MA. You really need to meet him and if nothing else, just spend a couple hours in his studio and that's all it will take for you to know what it's like working with the BEST! Motif Music Recording Studio is my preferred recording studio and Doug is my favorite engineer! I've recorded in many studios and Motif is my preferred studio of all time. By far, the best!" 
-Dennis Crow, internationally acclaimed pianist

"The encouragement that you've extended has meant so much. Your roles as both producer and lead guitarist on my new album "Where I Belong" are ones for which I could never thank you adequately." 
-Nancy Rockland-Miller 

"Thanks to Doug Hewitt at Motif Recording for his excellent production work and indispensable VOCAL coaching." 
-Todd Habla 

"Doug, I can't believe I sound that good! You made me sound better than I thought possible." 
-John Oltman, professional bassist 

"Believe me when I say, Doug that you are not only one of the most creative people I know, but an inspiration and a challenging producer who knows how to (sometimes relentlessly) extract the best creativity out of those you work with." 
-Bill Shontz 

"I love that album. I really do. I love the words, the melodies, the instrumentation, everything. And my friend was also very impressed with the sound. He kept saying, "It sounds like a big New York studio." The sound you got on the drums was, I thought, extraordinary. Sounded like he was in the room with me. And I really want you to play guitar on my new album. " 
-Sean Vernon 

"Doug, the CD sounds great, really great. Thanks so much for everything. We're so happy with how it came out. I'm especially impressed by the great mastering you did on the tracks from the other studios. I'm sure we'll be working together again." 
-Joe Cardozo & Makaya McCraven, Cold Duck Complex