Motif Music Recording Studio

Motif Music Recording Studio is 3 acoustically treated rooms connected by microphones and headphones; a performance room, isolation room and control room. An extremely affordable and flexible digital recording studio with Pro Tools 12.4, iMac and Focusrite interface, great microphones, tons of processing, computer-enhanced mix-down, and final mastering capability. Hard disk digital recording with more tracks than you can ever use. Real-time automation can be applied to every level, reverb, EQ, effects and all aspects of your mix. Create CDs and/or MP3s.

You will love the way your final master sounds. Promise. Read testimonials

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Pay as you go. Simple.

Price includes my extensive skills as a producer, engineer, singer, guitarist, and general musical coach. Bring your own band or if you are a solo artist I have have access to many professional local musicians and together we can help you achieve your musical vision!

We will make you sound as good as you really are and very likely much, much better.

"If you're not having fun you might be doing it wrong."