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Doug Hewitt: Guestbook

Nancy Schoenewolf

April 7, 2014

This is the third CD by ‪Doug Hewitt‬, and definitely the best. He has taken his musical influences and talent to new levels, creating a rich sound that is both familiar and novel. Each time I listen to this CD I hear something new, some nuance that enhances the meaning of the whole. Doug is truly a master musician in all ways- in composition, musicianship, and production.

Todd Habla

April 6, 2014

Over the years I have been amazed & delighted to watch Doug's material grow in both complexity and accessibility. He has a vision all his own, and this album is a great leap forward. It rocks. It swings. It's challenging. It's thought provoking. It's romantic. It's fun. I'm dancin' round my kitchen. No really!

Mike Lammers

April 4, 2014

Over the last several days I have been listening to Doug Hewitt's new CD Roots In The Sky. First things first... I love it, all of the music contained on the CD is performed by Doug with an ensemble of incredible musicians! It is bright, melodic and very satisfying. After a good listen I was craving to hear even more. Roots In The Sky is definitely NOT fusion, it is Doug's unique style which is a meticulous blend of Jazz and Rock with an occasional touch of folk. The Ethereal quality of the vocals and the tight down to earth instrumentation has Roots In The Sky clearly living up to its title! It is truly a musical love fest for my ears! I encourage anyone who enjoys a nice balanced Jazz or Rock experience to buy or download the CD which is available from places like Amazon, CD Baby and itunes.

Dennis Crow

April 3, 2014

Simply put, Doug's music is timeless
Doug Hewitt never ceases to amaze me; not only is he an incredible recording engineer, he is an accomplished performer, singer, composer, lyricist, and album designer. When I first listened to the album, I listened without looking at the titles, notes or album cover and made my own notes. His title song struck me as my favorite; and if you like John Lennon, you'll definitely hear his influence on the first track. Simply put, Doug's music is timeless and a must to anyone's rock/jazz music library.

Jimm O'Donnell

March 23, 2014

Listened yesterday and liked it muchly. So smooth. Compositions, vocals, instrumentation and technology all come together in perfect balance; and the rhythm section rounds it out expertly & exquisitely!

Nancy Schoenewolf

March 23, 2014

You did an amazing job on this CD. I'm really enjoying it. Your musicianship is MOST excellent!! Love the song quality.

Dennis Michael Ryan

March 23, 2014

Hey Doug, big fan here. Just got Roots In The Sky on, downloaded it in Flac and Mp3. I have just finished the first two songs and am loving it. Keep up the excellent work.


February 1, 2012

Thanks for your amazin' music. ım a fan from Turkey :)

Alan Marcus

November 30, 2011

After I bought Picasso Tomato and LOVED IT I came to hear you perform in Northampton last week. The Doug Hewitt Group was GREAT! So I bought another copy of Picasso Tomato at the show for my girlfriend. Now she can't wait to hear you play live. The Doug Hewitt Group is my new favorite band from Massachusetts!!

Michael Lammers

February 10, 2011

SWEET!!! The Complete Hewitt Tunes Box Set!!! Yeah!! Hey Doug, I received the CD's and now I have the complete Hewittunes collection on iTunes on my Pc and they will be transferred to my iPod before the weekend is over! Thank you!!!!

Nancy Foley

January 30, 2011

Doug, I'm a HUGE fan of Picasso Tomato- brilliant!

Mike Lammers

January 25, 2011

It is a wonderful evolutionary record of your music and you have come a long way literally from being good to being amazing!

Lee Brady

January 20, 2011

miss hearing your music

Adrienne Lorenzo

April 12, 2009

Love the music. Sounds great. Can't wait to hear you in person.
Love from Danielle's mom.

Janene Otten

February 6, 2009

I finally got a chance to really enjoy your Picasso Tomato CD while photo editing yesterday. Nice work!! WOW. You are a gifted man. I am especially fond of Antarian Blues, Holes In Heaven and Relativity. The production is amazing too.

MOna Lewis

December 11, 2008

All I can say is Wow!! Great stuff!!

Imma Carlson

August 30, 2008

Doug's guitar playing and singing were simply amazing.

Josh Pelin

May 10, 2008

Picasso Tomato has been in and out and back in my CD player for almost a year now. I just wanted to write to tell you what a great album this is! The songs are imaginative and deep. The musicianship is stellar. The lyrics and vocals are topnotch. And the guitar, saxophone and violin solos totally rock. I'm giving this album 5 stars.


March 24, 2008

I like Antarian Blues a lot! Looking forward to hearing more live some day.

Alex and Katie

March 24, 2008

Great music as always. it is a pleasure to hear your sounds, although seeing you jam in person is my favorite. Keep the music comin'.
lots of love

Robby Roiter

February 28, 2008

I absolutely love Picasso Tomato, it is a work of art, moving & well crafted.

Dan Gibson

January 28, 2008

From Doug Hewitt we once again get killer instrumentals and great singing and songwriting with his latest album Picasso Tomato. This is a classic.

Joyce Hammerstein

December 7, 2007

I just had to write about the Doug Hewitt Group show to say the band was fabulous. Doug's guitar playing and singing were simply amazing. Nancy's harmonies really enhanced the sound and the whole band rocked! More!

Donna Ferrari

November 15, 2007

Hey Doug,

Just checking out your updated website. Love the new photos. Nice one of John! Your write-up is great too and songs have very interesting lyrics. See 'ya at the Basement!


November 6, 2007

Doug, you're one of the very few (as in, I can count 'em on one hand) artists on AirPlay Direct I considered worth a website visit. Keep on!


October 4, 2007

Doug you're an awsome musician! you rock!
CD Baby confirms it.


James Bailey

September 28, 2007

Doug's singing was at this concert was just outstanding. I mean he has this reputation as a great guitarist but don't forget he's got a great voice!

Tonya Miller

June 20, 2007

The Doug Hewitt Group concert was so great I had to get Picasso Tomato right at the show. I am so impressed by the song writing and musicianship. More concerts ASAP!


May 6, 2007

You must see the Doug Hewitt Group live!! Each of the musicians is incredible, and when they play together - wow!! Their public debut at the Bookmill was splendiferous!!

Eve Boltax

April 26, 2007

doug - right on, great blend of styles. i look forward to playing with you. best, eve


March 4, 2007

Great songs played by amazing musicians! Dougs voice and the violin is awsome and the saxophone! Deep lryics. I think it is Art.

Elaine Coughlin

February 13, 2007

I can't figure out why Doug Hewitt isn't wth a major record label. Picasso Tomato is amazing. Like a jazzy Pink Floyd. This CD is for people who really listen to music.

Seth Hoffsommer

November 10, 2006

A fine site for a fine musician and a super swell guy!!! Thanks again for the great music here at 40 G. and for the copy of "Picasso Tomato" (GREAT CD!!). 'Til we jam again, JAZZ ON Brother!!!!

Peace, Seth

Christina Higgins

October 18, 2006

I just got Picasso Tomato and I have to tell you what a great album this is! The songwriting is so imaginative and deep with great musicianship. Great lyrics and singing! And the violin and guitar solos wow!

Richard ELVIS Mellon

August 8, 2006

GREAT SITE, GREAT MUSIC, GREAT HUMAN BEING! and now for a shameless plug..check out my website...about intergalactic pirate radio station dj and tv talk show host Elvis Mellon...and his adventures......

Aidan and Michael Hussin

June 8, 2006

great music!!!


June 6, 2006

Powerful CD on many levels.
Just listen to jazzy, rock music. Or delve into the many layers of instruments and vocals, not to mention the incredible lyrics that really mean something. Anyway you look at it (or listen to it) it's great.

Todd Habla

May 25, 2006

 A stunning, powerful, serious concept album.
Unbelievably heavily profoundly pithily electrically rockingly great stuff. Beautiful writing and playing; equally beautiful production values. The power and sheen of "Holes in Heaven" ("what do you exist for?") brought tears to my eyes. It's not lightweight stuff; an album that demands attention and thought for its sense of wonder and regret, cosmic consciousness and human pain. It's the most moving and thought-provoking thing I've heard in a long time. BUY IT, know you've supported a great artist with a few measley bucks ... and keep listening!


May 16, 2006

Picasso Tomato is a magnum opus!!!
Awesome music. Walks the fine line between rock and jazz. Incredible detail in every song, without being overdone or overproduced. The lyrics actually make sense, which is rare in music these days. Everthing just fits together. It's great music, all the way through!! My favorites are Antarian Blues and Crystal Ball. Picasso Tomato is pretty cool too. But they're all great!!

Seth and Pam Ledoux

April 15, 2006

Hi Doug!

We really enhoyed your website! Lovely picture and terrific graphics with the music clips! Best of luck!

Seth and Pam

Mom and Dad Hewitt

April 14, 2006

Fabulous! Love the website! Great work, Doug.


April 14, 2006

Doug, you are an amazing and talented man! God-like, actually. You ROCK -- in that Bluesy-jazz-fusion sort of way. Welcome to the 21st Century!!!


April 14, 2006

I'm sure you're getting ready to post samples Doug. Styly graphics.